Food is freedom.

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Every living being on the planet requires freedom. Life has meaning because of freedom. Do we like our lives or dislike them? Everything is dependent on how much liberty we have. However, there are numerous levels of liberty. Some people believe that wealth equals freedom. When you have money, you can do anything: buy anything, go anywhere, and do anything. This is one level of freedom. Some define liberty as the ability to choose one’s own leader. We have the option of electing representatives to our government.

That is a different kind of freedom; freedom to think, live, and do many things, but freedom is the most important. Freedom, in my opinion, must begin with food. We need to know whether we have food or if we can grow food. We know what is and isn’t edible. We know where we can always get food. When we have food, we have less fear, worry, and freedom. It’s comparable to a coin. Fear is represented on one side, while freedom is represented on the other. When we are afraid, we see more freedom; when we are free, we see less fear. We are afraid of or worried about food.

We are concerned about not having enough food, particularly when the economy is in disarray, there is a war, or there is a crisis. That is when we realize the significance of food. To us, it is the most important thing. So if we don’t have food, we’ll be even more scared and worried. This means we will have less freedom. Some people value our liberty highly. They wish to diminish the significance of this group of people. They planned our lives to take away our freedom, skills, and ability to prepare food. How can we grow food in our everyday lives? They teach us not to think about food, not to consider where it comes from, and not to consider how to grow food. What can be consumed? What can’t be eaten? They don’t want us to even consider it. They train us to become experts.

You can be a teacher, a doctor, a business owner, an engineer, or anything else you want as long as you don’t have to worry about food. They will set up a system to produce food for us, and if we do not know how to grow food, we will be helpless. We are more afraid when our ability to grow food is limited. When we have fewer opportunities to grow food, they make more money and have more power. That is why we are experiencing less and less freedom in our daily lives. We can say whatever we want, criticize whatever we want, and go wherever we want, but many people believe we have a lot of freedom. We have many options.

We have the freedom to say whatever we want and go wherever we want, but many people believe we have too much freedom. We have many options. We can say and do whatever we want, but not everyone understands what it means to be free. We are dependent on liberty. Growing food does not imply that we have forfeited all of our liberties. We have a lot going on in our lives, but not much freedom. Because we rely solely on the freedom of money and the system, we suffer greatly when the system fails or we face financial difficulties. We are terrified.

There is a great deal of concern. This must now be taken into account. Consider food as a starting point for thinking about freedom. We can grow our own food if we know what is edible and how to cook it, or if we do not want to be farmers but have connections with farmers. We do not have to be farmers. We know we can support farmers if we have relationships with them. We are well aware. They most emphatically are. We are less terrified.

We now have more wiggle room. This is why I believe liberty starts with Without freedom, there is no food, no life, and no life. How can we go back in time and learn how to grow food in order to understand it better? How can we go back in time and reconnect with farmers or people who grow food so that we can support and help them grow food for us so that we can feel more secure? Food and liberty are inextricably linked.



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