Industry 4.0: Rebooting local mindset

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1. Success was never a promise, it comes as a result of being persistence and keep on improving strategy and processes, there never was one bulletproof strategy, no one success formula that fits all. As long as we have the right mindset, and believe in the great vision. Wanting to put Malaysia in the global map. That is itself, is a good start. Moving forward, we need a good team, not just the government machinery but the private sector needs to work hand in hand in materializing the goal. We need to have that dynamic, working together has always been the best formula.

2. The government will need to work on the policies, the right infrastructure, the right economic plan and creating a business-friendly environment. Reduce corruptions and politicking in the government systems. Bank Negara need to revise the ‘unfriendly’ policies and making sure that business has easy access to capital and loans. Making sure that our economic policies are attractive enough to both local and foreign investors. Make Malaysia a corruption free country and at the same making it an investor-friendly. It is indeed a big challenge, but can we achieve it? We have one chance to reboot Malaysia, this is it. I say, yes we can. We did it once, we can do it again, Malaysia Boleh!

3. Can we succeed? Depends, what kind objectives and goals we set? There are several models we can look at and study or imitate. South Korea is a good example, we can see them progressing and taking over the global economy slowly but surely. 30 years ago they were just like Malaysia. But what triggers such a rapid change in their economy? Something we need to study and try to emulate. Taiwan and China is another good example, what did Deng Xiaoping do right that has catapulted China into the global forefront in the manufacturing arena? This is something we need to find out, we can learn from those formulas and make it into our base for us to improve further.

4. Malaysia Objective for Industry 4.0, how do we want it to be? What will it serve? Will the Rakyat benefits from it? Industry 4.0 is about bringing Malaysia to another level of being one of the industry giants within the ASEAN region. How can we achieve that? We have competitive neighbors like Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, and Myanmar. We first need to design and improvise on the industry and economic policies itself, we have to tailor the policies so that it will be Industry friendly policies, friendly to business as well as to the people. This is fundamental before we go further inviting major global players to come to invest in industry 4.0 in Malaysia.

5. Our policy must be right and convenient enough as well as attractive enough for global players to come and set up their businesses here. We must beef up government machinery, our working committees, the planning committees, and the steering committees. It has to have the right people with the right mindset. The right philosophy, the right intention, long-term, and short-term goal must be set and this must be fully understood by the executive team/committee. Investors will look at these fundamentals. Then they will look at the infrastructure, the human capital, good governance, and political stability. All these mechanics must be put in place and package in such a way that is attractive for the investors to come and start building the business here. Indeed this is a challenge to the new government, having 3/4 of inexperience cabinet members, it will definitely be a major hindrance to the initiative.

7. No longer can one count on the PM(Prime Minister) to work it alone without no or little help from the cabinet ministers, we can safely say that this effort in making Malaysia as the Industry 4.0 hub will not be successful simply because 3/4 of its cabinet members are incapable and inexperience. What-more with half of the government machinery is not rendering full support to the new government, imagine having a car running at two cylinders, it will be a super slow motion. It is a sad truth but until these ministers play catch-up and educate and improvise themselves within these few months, we will not dream of seeing a new rebooted Malaysia. The mindset still has not changed, and worst if they are imitating that of the old government mindset.

8. Rebooting mindset among the cabinet ministers is the key to success in rebooting Malaysia as the ASEAN Industry 4.0 hub. From the infrastructure perspective, Malaysia already has the advantage. Our road system and logistic network are already on the higher end. We have ample workforce, so many public and private colleges churning thousands of workforce for the industry every year. What we really need now is a bridging mechanism between those colleges and the industry. This mechanism is still not there, that is why we are seeing most industries are finding it hard to recruit “experience” workforce. There is already some effort between industry and colleges to work on a certain mechanism to bridge this gap. This effort, however, needs to be amplified further, more parties need to work together in ensuring the needs from both sides are fully addressed. If this is done correctly, we will find that it will be a win-win situation by all parties, both colleges and industry will have their problems addressed.



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